This was literally how all of this started.

On a lockdown day with nothing to do we taught ourselves how to master the art of Neapolitan pizza through YouTube. Then we got thinking, with everyone stuck inside wouldn’t it be cool if we could take a pizza oven to people’s driveways and cook them pizza?
With this in mind, we set off on our little lockdown mission...We found an old 1980’s horse trailer on ebay, then spent a couple of months in and out of B&Q before finally partnering our trailer up with a Land Rover Defender 90, in a gorgeous Keswick Green.

Our business goals are growing day by day. We’re not only entrepreneurially driven, but also environmentally obsessed. We love the planet we roam, as well as the unowned oceans humans barbarically abuse. As the company grows we are striving to combat issues not only close to our hearts but also planet earths.
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